The Thing About Kirk …

Kirk's colleagues speak


Welcome to The Thing About Kirk.

Here, Kirk’s colleagues will tell you about all the things that make Kirk one of the most amazing designers and creative directors the world has ever known.

Also, we will make fun of his Star Wars figures.

If there’s a thing about Kirk you’d like to share, hit me with it.


Jason Kusmanoff | Copy Director, Leopard/Ogilvy

The thing about Kirk is, I have never met another person with so much depth. So much love for family and friends. So much passion for life. And so much talent that he is able to channel into his chosen profession. Equally comfortable providing creative direction on copy or design, Kirk has a way of transforming work from simply “good” to something that is truly brilliant. Of course, he elevates more than just the creative product—he also provides inspiration and generates creative aspirations for the people lucky enough to call him a mentor. I am one of those people. Having worked with Kirk for over 7 years, I can tell you that I will always cherish the time that I could walk over and get his opinion on a headline or sit in a room and brainstorm some killer ideas. My experience with Kirk represents the point where I was able to turn my perception of what we do in advertising and marketing upside down. Literally. He opened my mind and worked with me to successfully create a career path upon which I still travel to this day.

Brilliant designer, world-class creative director, former jouster, amazing painter, civil war history geek—Kirk is all of these things, plus he throws the best Halloween party this side of the Mississippi.

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Chris White | Copywriter, Aspen

The thing about Kirk… Really? I can only say one thing? Sorry, but that’s impossible.

First of all, Kirk works harder than anyone I’ve ever known. We’re talking late nights, early mornings, whatever it takes to get the job done. And he never fails to produce strategic, advertising magic. Look up “overachiever” in the dictionary and you’ll find a photo of Kirk cheesing for the camera. You’ll find the same photo next to “team player.”

Wanna know a secret? When we worked together, I’d sometimes wander into Kirk’s office or sit next to him at the lunch table hoping I’d absorb some of his good attitude, positive energy and vivacious spirit through osmosis or something. And you know what? A lot of the times it actually worked.

I’d love to work with Kirk again. I count myself lucky that I already have.

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Floyd Eggen | Senior Copywriter, Hawkeye

The thing about Kirk is that he makes me look good. Every time. By and large, I haven’t deserved it, but that’s the kind of guy he is. Over the years, his impeccable eye for design and feel for language has fooled many a customer into thinking my copy was fantastic. Another thing about Kirk is that there are so many things about Kirk. A few words to describe The Man: Expert. Talented. Prankster. (Yeah, I fell for the old lotion-on-the-phone trick once. ONCE.) Friend. Morale booster. The funniest guy I know. Painter. Sculptor. Haunted House connoisseur. Civil War buff. Star Wars nerd. Leader. Collaborator. And finally, mentor. He is consistently generous with his talent, and freely gives others the benefit of his wealth of experience, often when they need it most. I can honestly say that my life – professionally and personally – is a lot better because he’s in it. I not only recommend him, I’ll say straight out that you are making a huge mistake if you DON’T hire him.

I leave you with this, a mashup of Bill and Ted with another famous Kirk: “Of my friend, I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most … awesome.”

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Rachel DeFriend | User Experience Architect, Javelin Marketing Group

The thing about Kirk is that he never stops smiling. I’m not talking with just his lips. No it’s in his energy, his work, his humor, his everything. He always makes you laugh, makes for a great lunch buddy and doesn’t appear to stop giving his all in everything he designs or concepts and any friendship he begins. I wish I could have some of his smile bottled up because I sure appreciate how it always brightens my day.

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Troy Myatt | Creative Director, Southwest Airlines Pilots Association

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

The things about Kirk is, he may be short but under that Imperial armor is a guy with big ideas — a skilled designer and a leader.

I worked with Kirk just short of 2 years and not only did I find a good friend whose Star Wars collection rivaled mine, but also one who created stellar print and video concepts for AT&T and successfully lead teams of designers on major business pitches, all while keeping the entire design department in stitches with his quirky personality.

Kirk is a real trooper.

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Caitlin Barlow | Project Manager, Javelin Marketing Group

The thing about Kirk is that he has a big heart and is in fact a “kid” at heart. He is always looking for a way to make someone smile. Even if that someone happens to be a 5 year old little boy, who came to work unwillingly a few times with his “boring old mom.” Kirk goes out of his way to show people how much he genuinely cares for them. He is always looking to make someone smile.  Example: buying that 5 year old little boy one of his favorite Spiderman toys, so he could play with it the next time he came to “boring old work.” Now, he no longer thinks that work is boring. He asks about Kirk ALL the time and always wants to come to work, just to see him! Kirk has an extremely big heart and  puts others before himself. He will go above and beyond to show he cares and to see them smile, no matter who they are or their age. I can tell you who one of that little boy’s favorite people is: It’s Kirk.

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